Red Wiggler Worms

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Red Wiggler Worms (Eisenia foetida)

Perfect feeder for large freshwater fish, frogs and newts. Also one of the best composting worms available.

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The worms are in a good healthy condition and the delivery is fast never had any problems at all. Would recommend them.

Great bait for freshwater fish.

Worms were alive and quantity was good. This is great bait for fishing. Delivery to your door is really convenient and the service provided on my enquiries was great. Thank you.

Back to being very happy with Jozi Bugs, thank you!

Hi there. Me again. After a disappointing delivery recently in which my bran, mealworms and earthworms were too tightly packed, I received an email asking for a review. I filled this in, forgetting that the review would post directly to this website. Had I not been asked for feedback, I would not have complained, as I understood how the problem had arisen. What I did NOT expect was their response to my review. Jozi Bugs immediately apologised and then replaced my full order for mealworms and earthworms – unasked! Jozi Bugs really are the best. I am once again happy to give them my enthusiastic support and a 5 star rating. Thank you, Jozi Bugs. 😊


Thank you so much - brilliant service - good quality worms!
Will shop again.

Disappointed this time around

I ordered bran, mealworms and earthworms together. In an effort to save on courier costs, this was very tightly packed into a big box, with the bag of worms squashed flat at the side of the box. The larger worms don't seem to have moved since I opened the bag. The smaller worms seem to have fared better. I would suggest vacuum packaging bran for couriering purposes, to ensure that enough space and ventilation is available for worms.

Hi Teresa,

I'm sorry about the quality of your order. By our standards, this is unacceptable.
All of our sales have a 'Live arrival, and quality guarantee', so we will be sending you free replacements for your Mealworms and Red Wrigglers.

Great Service

Excellent Service , Great follow up on order. Worms arrived health and happy oing their thing in the garden.
Also posted a review on

red wiggler worms

I bought 500 red wigglers from Jozi Bugs a short time ago and am extremely happy with my purchase. The worms arrived very quickly from the courier and were in excellent condition. As an added bonus (for me anyway), the worms were in their own bedding and therefore settled in very quickly. I would recommend this company and will buy from them again.